vrijdag, februari 26, 2010

Kill Your Idols: not yet.

A real pity. Next week's Microsoft CTO event is cancelled, so I wil not be able to deliver my speech. This was the abstract:

"Kill your Idols - 7 ways to get rid of unnecessary software"

Every architect and CTO knows it: the biggest challenge nowadays in application portfolio management is not anymore to be innovative in identifying new solutions. Instead, it is in getting rid of the old solutions that prevent you from getting there. Dealing with a sprawled application landscape is a matter of rigid simplification and rationalization. And this is just as much about psychology, anthropology - and even psychiatry for that matter - as it is about architecture and engineering. But not to worry: this talk will present you with 7 tangible, real-life, quite disruptive scenarios to get your own simplification journey going. There is hope. It is just a matter of killing your idols.

Ron Tolido, CTO Application Lifecycle Services, Capgemini S.A.

Think I will have to write a blog-item about now instead. Very soon on Capgemini's CTO blog!

2 opmerkingen:

Ronaldo zei

Hi Bob,
Did you write about it in Capgemini CTO blog? I've searched, but did not find.

Ron Tolido zei

Hi Ronaldo, am afraid I have not yet found the discipline to actually write the article. Thanks anyway for reminding me, I will pick this one up quickly and will publish it on the CTO blog.