woensdag, september 17, 2008

Pile It Up: Google's audio indexing

One of the concepts we cover in our TechnoVision point of view is Googlification: because of powerful search technologies, we do not really have to structure our information any more. We just pile it up and search whenever we need something. It is often how people find their way on the Web and it is the preferred strategy for handling mail by Gmail users. Now Google Labs are taking things just a tiny, little bit further with their audio Indexing tools. For now, they have restricted themselves to indexing election-related speeches on YouTube (you may have seen the Google elections Search gadget already), but one can only imagine what the possibilities are once they increase the scope of the search engine. We would love to hear your suggestions for ‘killer’ audio-search applications and we are just starting to think about what this would mean to placed ads.
In the meantime, do have a look at the differences between the two US presidential candidates. You are probably not surprised who talks the most about ‘change’, but a bit more insightful are the search hits for ‘information technology’. There is still some work to do, apparently. And it is piling up in both camps.

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