dinsdag, september 16, 2008

IT Creates a Better Place

Every now and then we may have our doubts about the real meaning of technology. We even may be tempted to think that it is true: IT does not matter. But then, there are these little pearls that truly help us to understand the value of the technology and it’s relevancy in challenging the world problems of today. And to be honest, I don’t think Shai Agassi’s Better Place project is a little pearl. It is more like a complete treasury. Better read this absolutely breath-taking Wired article - about his plans for an ubiquitous support infrastructure for electric cars - yourself. Suffice to say that this real-time, self-optimising smart grid is completely dependent on the availability of technology. And it is not even future technology: everything Agassi envisions is based on platforms and systems that are available today and are thoroughly understood.

Less than two years ago, Agassi suddenly left his successful position at SAP. Like many others in the industry, I was highly surprised. Now I am getting his point. Big time. Technology can change lives, can change the world. It is just that we sometimes tend to forget. If you happen to be working on your IT Strategy for next year and you are out of fresh ideas and inspiration: have a look at this Better Place. If it does not instantaneously reload you, I’m not sure what would (well, maybe a full battery replacement).

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