woensdag, augustus 09, 2006

E-mail Haunting

For some of us, it is already depressing enough to return from holidays. But things really get worse if you have to spend your first couple of working days in a pool of e-mails. Mind you, I’m not depressed. For now. But nobody would have objected, given the fact that I had to deal with more than 750 serious e-mails (which is of course without the spam).

Just a few years ago, I still had the guts to compose the following Out-of-Office message:

“Dear Writer. Thank you for your e-mail message. I am currently on holidays. As you will very well understand, when I am back I cannot dedicate my scarce time to filter out the few messages that are still relevant by that time. And just to make sure: I am convinced that your message would be one of them. Anyway, for my own protection and wellbeing I will automatically delete your email right now. If you still wish to reach me, you may consider resending your message once I have returned. In the meantime, I wish you strength and honour. Have a nice vacation.”

Worked perfectly fine.

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