vrijdag, juni 09, 2006

Mumified architects

.... Yes, we’ve heard it all before. A good IT or Enterprise Architect is supposed to be able to bridge the gap between business objectives and technology solutions. In order to do that, architects still need thorough analytical skills: even with (some might argue 'thanks to') service-orientation the solutions landscape seems to be more complex than ever. Clearly, there is also a need for excellent communication skills: no architecture will be successful if it is not properly discussed, explained and driven through all layers of stakeholders. And then – of course- there’s also the political skills that an architect should possess in order to carefully align all parties involved. Looks like the portfolio of a mature, experienced professional that has seen it all and indeed, not many architects are likely to come fresh from university. But is it enough to have seen it all? Or is it a good recipe for mummification?....

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