woensdag, juni 14, 2006

IT Department: Eat your Own Dog Food!

....There’s no better way to show commitment than eating one’s own dog food, or – as some of my French colleagues would call it – drinking one’s own champagne. I can imagine why that Ford plant manager in Michigan recently announced that only Ford- or subsidiary-built vehicles are allowed to park on the plant premises: it must be discouraging to see the place swarmed every day by Daihatsu’s, Suzuki’s and Toyota’s. If even the creators themselves don’t use their own products, why would customers even consider buying?

In IT, the slogan is probably even more true. And it doesn’t only pertain to software manufacturers (we can safely assume that Microsoft is not using Firefox too much in their offices, nor that SAP uses Oracle Financials for their book keeping, nor that Siebel account managers prefer salesforce.com to keep track of their sales opportunities): every IT department can use the Dog Food Principle to bridge the gap with their clients at the business side of the organisation.....

Meer op Capgemini's CTO blog.

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