woensdag, februari 18, 2009

The Continuous Position Tweet - Google Latitude

Well, since I now own a Windows 6.1 smartphone anyway (please. don't even start to make lame jokes, I've heard them all before inside my head), I thought this would be a good time to experiment with Google's Latitude. Latitude is a service that we saw coming for quite some time, now didn't we: using GPS and the cell-network, your current position is constantly monitored and broadcasted. Other people subscribe to it - essentially like they would with Twitter - so that can follow you in realtime on Google Maps. I'ts really like a continuous Tweet about your position ('on the A12, two kilometres further on the A12, in a traffic jam, moving again on the A12')  and we can only imagine what combining a few web services will lead to in the forthcoming weeks and months. Expect wild imagination! For now, only my assistent, my brother and a colleague are connected in realtime. Already quite interesting. My colleague starts early in the morning in the offices and my brother travels around the strangest, remote places in the Netherlands. And my assistent? Well, definitely, finally, nothing to hide for her anymore.

More about my adventures with The Continuous Position Tweet soon on this blog.

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