vrijdag, juni 06, 2008


Unlike I stated before, it’s not once a year we get our desperately needed shot of Apple caffeine. Steve Jobs does not only introduce products at MacWorld, but also appears half a year later at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. This Monday, the Moscone centre in San Francisco will be packed with journalists, analysts and fans (oh, and probably a few developers), eagerly awaiting yet another hallmark keynote speech.

A new version of OS X? A gallery of external applications for a 3G version of the iPhone? Maybe even a highly recyclable aluminium-enclosed, ultra-flat flux capacitor? It does not really matter. The very prospect of having Steve Jobs on stage showing new stuff creates an unparalleled buzz in the industry. Bloggers will report in real-time on the events and they are presented as heroes themselves, boldly putting us in front row. Journalists sneak into the presentation venue to take pictures of the banners that will be used and immediately a lively discussion unfolds on the Internet what the graphics may mean.

To make things clear: I have seven Macs at home, which is of course excluding all the iPods. And yet I am not the type of hardcore disciple that burns his house if Steve Jobs says that is a cool thing to do (although he never suggested it so far, so I’m not really sure on this one).

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