dinsdag, juni 03, 2008

I want a Consumer Strike

I know SAP would not even dream of doing it. And when they do it anyway - sort of - they are not afraid for a well-camouflaged retreat. And Apple surely won’t. You just go to your annual MacWorld conference and see what Steve Jobs has in store this time. That is just about everything you will get in terms of future plans, versions and roadmaps.

Don't canibalise your business by flirting to soon with new versions or successors: the golden rule for any product company.

But then Microsoft! We are still trying to figure out if and by what truck we were hit when Vista was introduced, and Gates and Ballmer already start to talk Windows 7. And it is not that far too: we might have it in January 2010.

Big companies such as GM are already considering to skip implementing the obesity of Vista and go for its presumably much more agile successor. I am quite sure that the announcements that we have seen from Microsoft last week are – well – not really helpful in stopping this looming business consumer strike.

Then again, that is just what Microsoft may be aiming for: okay, okay, we got the message, you just don’t like Vista. To be quite honest, we don’t either. But hold on, don’t go for open alternatives (or worse: go cool). We have something really special cooking for you. It is light weight, blistering fast and has a juicy multi-touch user-interface (nah, you haven't seen it before somewhere else).

Business buyers on strike, waiting for better times: sounds almost like a smart marketing strategy working out. Or am I overestimating a few people?

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