vrijdag, februari 01, 2008

Boundaryless IT Specialist

I am currently in San Francisco. Just around the corner here in California, the Republican candidates for the presidency are debating, trying to establish who is the most conservative while the Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are holding hands to show off their unity.

The Open Group is having its own show-off. The quarterly member meetings and the Architecture Practitioners Conference are better visited than ever, and for the very first time there is also an IT Specialist Conference. The reason: the direct availability of IT Specialist Certification: a unique, open program which assesses senior IT specialists on people skills, technical skills, experience and contextual awareness of adjacent areas such as business, architecture and project management.

Based on the real-life proven, internal certification programs of Capgemini, IBM and EDS, this open program is destined to quickly become a world-wide standard. And we’re only too sure that the world is waiting for this: the key success factor for organisations to collaborate is still the quality of their individual employees. Technology-driven change highly depends on the proper abilities, experience and skills of IT specialists. These need to be real, demonstrated attributes, so we are not talking about isolated book knowledge or having passed some shallow multiple-choice tests.

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