zaterdag, januari 19, 2008

Security Hangman

In the past week, in which I met several of our clients that are planning for this year, I only found more confirmation for the proposition in my previous blog item. Although CIO’s have been struggling for years with immovable, petrified IT households, many now seem to be ready to make a breakthrough. Using crisis as a welcome burning platform, they simplify and open up their systems. That way, they create the headroom for innovation and the flexibility to connect to the outside world. And that is where all the opportunities for growth hide, in this exciting network of everything.
Last week’s meetings reminded me however of yet another innovation killer. You may have dealt with your legacy systems and your antiquated IT infrastructure. You may even have brought in the service-oriented architecture, the open interfaces and the collaborative web 2.0 stuff that will turn your company into a Mashup Corporation. But then – all of a sudden – you may find him standing in the doorway, dark and intimidating, the incorruptible hangman that could put your innovative dreams right to an end: yes, it is indeed your own security officer.

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