donderdag, december 06, 2007

In The Financial Times over partnerships

Altijd leuk, een vermelding in een heus Financial Times artikel over partnerships in de IT-wereld. Al leidt een interview van 3 kwartier uiteindelijk tot een paar armzalige regeltjes tekst:

.... In Amsterdam, Ron Tolido, chief technology officer for Continental Europe and Asia at consultancy and systems integrator Capgemini, is juggling the partnerships needed to deliver such solutions.
"I would argue that nowadays complex clients no longer believe in the capability of a single company to deliver a single solution," he says. "From our perspective our market demands collaboration from several partners for bigger deals. The demands of the client are normally shaping the way we collaborate."

... In any list of key partners provided by a systems integrator or a telco, the same names recur: Microsoft, SAP, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and so on. Yet the depth of these partnerships varies. Mr Tolido says Capgemini creates "partnerships for a particular opportunity" according to the skills and technology required.

Voor de liefhebbers hier het gehele artikel.

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