vrijdag, april 06, 2007

6-word IT Stories

No doubt many of you are preparing for the Easter weekend. And just to prevent that you have to spend it in boredom and lethargy, I would like to invite you to join us in publishing your personal 6-Word IT Story. Hemingway once did it: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” and he claimed it was his best story ever. Wired did a nice round last autumn (including a good story from Eileen Gunn: "Computer, did we bring batteries? Computer?") and The Guardian recently organised a similar challenge. But this time it’s different: this time were asking you, IT / business / architecture / software / transformation / innovation people to share your most thrilling adventures with us in the shortest possible way. Is it true that even the essence of our complex lives can be expressed in just 6 words? We’ll be anxiously watching the comments. To get you started, here’s a few of our own, very mediocre 6-words IT stories. You can do better!

Floated for days, could not blog.

Deadline approaching. We must act before

“When MSN crashes, society ends” (daughter).

Mumbai traffic was only the beginning.

(Dit item publiceerde ik zojuist op Capgemini's CTO blog. Allemaal Engelstalig, dat begrijpt u wel. Maar in de comments alhier zijn we natuurlijk vooral geïnteresseerd in Nederlandstalige bijdragen. Doe uw best! En een zomers Paasweekend gewenst.)

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