vrijdag, januari 19, 2007

Simple Minds and Motorpyscho live. Mashed Up.

Still want to get a better grip on what the new world of Mashup business models really is leading to? Have a look at this new mashup service of Fabchannel: until now ‘just’ a award-winning website which gave its members access to videos of rock concerts in Amsterdam’s famous Paradiso concert hall. Not any more. Today Fabchannel launched a new, unique service which enables music fans to create their own, custom made concert videos and then share them with others through their blogs, community profiles , websites or any other application.

So suppose you have this weird music taste, which sort of urges you to create an ideal concert featuring the Simple Minds, Motorpsycho, The Fun Loving Criminals, Ojos de Brujo and Bauer & the Metrople Orchestra. Just suppose it’s true. The only thing you need to do is click this concert together at Fabchannel’s site – choosing from the many hundreds of videos available -, customize it with your own tags, image and description and then have Fabchannel automatically create the few lines of html code that you need to embed this tailor-made concert in whatever web application you want.

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