vrijdag, december 22, 2006

Thoughts on Innovation. Straight from Siberia.

Voor de niet weg te treiteren liefhebber hier weer de Engelse versie van mijn vorige blog-item over innovatie:

What were they thinking, the strategists from Wal-Mart, Intel and British Petroleum when they were laying their tiny little plan for a new electronic health records system? Or let’s rephrase this: how are innovations created in the first place? A relevant question, especially on the threshold of a new year in which – if we read the ostentatious signs right - innovation tops the agenda of many business strategies again. A good subject to contemplate in this blog a couple of times. So definitely keep watching ‘innovation’ in your personal tag cloud.

One thing is for sure: we all seem in need of rediscovering the ‘how’ of innovation, crushed as we are by years of cost reduction, regulatory compliance and refining the art of spreadsheet management (the latter simply not being cool anymore, even not of being practiced in a collaborative way through hip software-as-a-service or through green, hyper-democratic applications).

On the rebound of such an abundance on structure, you might tend to think that innovation is mainly a matter if chaos and free association. Drive that group of silly sort of creative people into a workshop room filled with chocolate, furry animals and fatboys. Boot up the water pipe, uncork the red wine, play that CD with singing dolphins and just go with the flow, dude.

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