woensdag, november 01, 2006

SAP TechED '06 Takeaways (II)

Although the next event in Bangalore is almost taking off already, I still have to fulfil my promise to provide you with some additional takeaways of the recent SAP TechEd conference in Amsterdam. I’m terribly sorry it took me so long. What can I say? Browsing through all of the sessions handouts took me two weeks straight in a row and then – of course – there was no time for blogging left. One thing is for sure: the audience of the TechEd conference is changing even faster than SAP’s software stack. And interestingly enough, the average age of the attendees seems to increase, together with the introduction of new, yet unknown communities into the SAP universe, such as Business Process eXperts, Enterprise Architects and, yes, even some Java programmers.

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