maandag, september 25, 2006

7 Ways to scare EAI experts (part II)

Well, it’s already a few weeks ago that we discussed three viewpoints on integration that may help to unfreeze your local Enterprise Application Integration expert. I stated that integration is actually something you want to avoid: it’s not a mission in life by itself; it’s merely a prerequisite to do exciting things in business, enabled by systems and information. If you can avoid integration and still achieve the same, do so by all means. Furthermore, it was pointed out that excellent integration tools are now available on the market, both in open source and as industry-strength, commercial packages. Don’t waste a second of your precious time building and maintaining homebrewed, non-standard solutions. Finally, I suggested to first focus on your data governance before even considering fancy projects around web services and that almighty Enterprise Service Bus.

Two weeks of time with arguments like that! You must have witnessed some changes in the behaviour of your integration experts next door. If by any change this is not the case, please have a look at 4 additional opening lines that are bound to help them break on through to the other side...

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