dinsdag, juli 11, 2006

There Is No Spoon

I guess it’s a good litmus test. When I heard Jason Weisser, IBM’s Software Group VP for Enterprise Integration, discuss the other day with 30 Capgemini software engineers and architects what the real secret is of Service Oriented Architecture, he used this intriguing sentence: “there is no Spoon”.

Is it Plato? Buddha? The Bible? Alice in Wonderland?

Well, all of that. Sort of. Jason puzzled almost the entire audience, but I was lucky enough to have two teenage kids that force me to watch every cool pop movie you can possibly think of (how’s that for a justification…). So I recognized this phrase from The Matrix instantaneously. The Matrix is a movie filled with useful quotes, including ‘Knock, Knock, Neo’, ‘Follow the White Rabbit’ and of course ‘Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability’.

Meer op Capgemini's CTO blog. Ik ben trouwens de komende drie weken op vakantie en ik verwacht weinig inspiratie om de boeiende ontwikkelingen in de IT te becommentariëren. Verwacht u dus ook maar niet teveel.

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