vrijdag, juli 13, 2007

Mesh Network Bunny Ears

I like simplicity. I like browsing through the specifications of the 100$, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) computer, now called the XO. Of course, the paramount importance of the XO is its potential to help children from all over the world to learn and communicate more and ultimately lead a better life. But it is also a compelling illustration of what happens when you design a computer experience without having to deal with backwards compatibility or pre-existing notions of how computers are supposed to work.

The XO is a small, easy to carry device (almost like a school bag). With its round shapes and bright colours, it sort of reminds you of the pre-Y2K version of the Apple iBook. Also, it has built-in Transformer capabilities, enabling it to quickly morph into a standard laptop, an e-book that can even be read in full daylight or a gaming console. It is simply fun to look at, especially when its mesh network ‘ears’ are folded out. This will definitely appeal to children, but many features of the XO may even impress the most spoiled business PC users: there are more lessons contained in the XO than we think at first glance.

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