vrijdag, juni 30, 2006

Too Much User Interface

Many of you are planning to go on holidays soon. I know I am. And I’m confident that you don’t want to spend your valuable free doing perfectly nothing or – even worse – read that Da Vinci Code for the third time. So during the next week or so, I will point you to some books that you may want to pack in your suitcase. Yes, books. Good, old-fashioned paper. There’s nothing else left in these scarce moments in which you don’t have a high-speech Internet connection nearby. And it’s just fine too. Otherwise you would miss that brilliant opportunity to read Head Rush Ajax.
It’s not a book that I would recommend to you because of its metaphysical depths: it actually introduces you to a programming approach to building highly interactive websites and in the meantime you also figure out how to sell snowboards, you build a coffee maker and you even watch a boxing match.

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